Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Poot by any other name

People have been known to ask us, "So what do you call her?" And by that, I think they mean, "Salome is such a weird and exotic name, you don't actually say it out loud, do you?" Well yes, we do. But in the spirit of our family to develop new and strange nicknames, Salome as evolved(or devolved) into some other things that we do call her from time to time. Like, take the cat for instance(take my cat, please!). Her name is Legolas. Yes, like the elf. And if you're keeping track, the other cats' names are Feanor, Gingersnap and Fig Newton. So Mr. Dungeons & Dorks named his cats after Tolkien characters and I named mine after cookies. So what. What did you name your cat? Snookums!? I thought so.

Anyhoo, Salome has turned into Sally, then Sal, then Salad-by her 3 year old cousin. When she's nakie and scooting around on the floor all pink and wriggly she's Salamander. Sometimes Salami(salomi-I don't know, the lunch meat, you know what I mean), which is a name I don't like and the biggest reason I didn't want to name her Salome, because I know how kids at school can be and she'll hate me because I named her after a sandwich meat. Then there's Sally Moo, Sally Mae and Salo Mia, Salo Mia, Salo Mia let me go(magnifico-o-o-o). Don't even get me started with Pooter. That became Poot, Pootie, and Pootie Pootwell(a la the Ya-Ya Sisterhood). That (de)evolved into Moot, sometimes Moot Moot and then I make a little noise like Sweet Pea except instead of "Jeep, Jeep" I go "Moot, Moot" and that became Boot and then Bootie, cause she has a cute, little one and sometimes if we're feeling a little funky it's "Bootylicious" and we shake our heinies and have a good time.

There, aren't you sorry you asked.


Jenny Cracker said...

Wow! Enev as her daughter I didn't know all those!
Mom you're so weird, but in a mostly good way.

TC said...

Gosh, thanks. And you're welcome for the surname. You crazy crackers!