Tuesday, October 02, 2007

For Annie, the Dougster, Mercedes and Rich

After many moons of not writing anything here, I thought I'd post some pictures for all of you in Korea, so you can see what the darling toddler(and the rest of us) are up to while you're off eating spicy food and beating Engrish into small, unfortunate Korean children. I know you guys aren't allowed to hit, but I think Rich probably back-hands a couple when no one is looking.

The girls at Annie&Doug's going away party


Sally learns how to drive her trike

And just as quickly learns how to give

the Jersey Salute while driving.


Well, now that I'm looking, I can't find pics of Jenn's party, so check back for more exciting content! And remember, I look at your cat pictures, so you can look at my cute baby!