Monday, July 03, 2006

P is for pool, party and presents

Big weekend for the Pooter. Two, count 'em, two parties. Cousin Hannah's party was yesterday and Sally went in the big pool for the first time. She really liked it but she clung to me like a baby monkey. And there was ice cream cake AND bubbles-we got the birthday girl a bubble maker that makes enormous bubbles and was a great hit with young and old alike, although the teenager thought it could be improved if fire was involved. I told hubby that he comes from rednecks, cause they do love to set things on fire, but he said it was a guy thing. Hmmmm.

I really liked this picture until my mother looked at it and said, "hey, you've got my figure". Sigh.

I told you there were bubbles. Big bubbles.

Now, today, Eldest Daughter turned 15. Yikes! There were more balloons, too, which the Pooter really liked. And more ice cream cake, which turns her into a baby bird-face upturned, mouth wide open and little squawks for more ice cream. Jenn got more sewing supplies(including a dress form) and a gift certificate for Lush (squeeee!!), so a trip to the city is in our future. And we told her we're not buying her any more clothes, she has to sew them all. The Pooter, meanwhile, is sleeping off all the ice cream cake.

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The teenager person said...

Oh God just looking at that picture makes my face hurt.
Sunburn is baaaaaaaaaaaaaad.
However lotion and aloe vera is gooooooooooooood