Sunday, March 19, 2006

We've got teeth!

Gary was feeding Sally breakfast Thursday and said the spoon kept going "clink, clink." I know what that means. Sure enough, I fed her dinner and heard it too, so I stuck a finger in there and dang if she didn't have TWO teeth on the bottom. And she hasn't been that cranky, either. Well, at least before that she wasn't too cranky. Since then has been another story. She's so fussy...I would think that once the teeth were through, she'd feel better, so maybe she's expecting more. Jenn once got 5 teeth in one month(ugh). I keep feeling around in her mouth. No teeth, but Salome seems to like the gum massage. And she's drooling worse than the dog. I haven't given her orajel though, cause I heard it can make the biting-thing worse. She bit me yesterday and BOY was it shocking! I thought she took a chunk out of me, but all parts of me are intact and unmarked. So we give her tylenol occassionally, when she seems really out sorts. It's just in time, too, cause we started solid food last week and she's been happily gumming bananas and rice ever since.

In other news, we're moving. Richard should be thankful he's in Korea and won't be pressed into duty. We are, however, throwing out a ton of stuff(or giving it away), so it may be one of my easier moves. Gary is in high-motivational-gear, keeping us busily packing and ruthless about what gets tossed. The apartment is in a 2 family. It reminds me of the old house, with wood floors and wide moldings and even a stained glass window in the dining room. Oh, and glass doorknobs and a pair of french doors leading to the sunporch. Can't wait to have people over.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

More cuteness & friends

Lately, Salome's been staring at her hands a lot, like she's at a little, baby rave. The other day she kept opening and closing her hand VERY SLOWLY and marveling at it. I could hear the little synapses firing in her brain. Recent things of interest include her new pet giraffe from Janet and Bill for Valentine's Day, The show "Big, Big World" on PBS which I love, too, and sitting up (as opposed to spitting up, which she does also) In case you didn't get enough pictures below, here's more:

A young Bella Abzug

(if you get this joke, you're OLD!)

Waiter, a spot of tea and don't skimp on the scones!

Salome reads to her bear-y good friend

No, this is the duck. That's the tractor.

Has anyone seen my bear?

Time to kick back and relax with Giraffe

Well, that's all for now-see ya!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Some random musings

Don't they make boppies in your size, Aunt Chris?

Don't you wish YOU had a cat hat?

See, Granpa, it goes like this....

She must be looking at her Daddy

New posts are coming soon!

Really, I know I've been slack but I'm trying to figure out photoshop so I can do some AMAZING things with Pooter Pics. And for those of you(Christine) who had to register to leave a comment, I apologize. Now anyone can comment, not just blogger people.

To keep you happy, here is a really funny link:

Parenting Lament

Richard, as you know, left for Korea Tuesday for a year of teaching the heathens Korean children how to speak English. I, naturally, forgot to bring a camera to his send off. This means that he will travel the world for the next 30 years and I'll never have a picture of him and his little niece. The only way to avoid this curse will be to travel to Korea. So be it! Anyway, new pics coming soon.