Monday, July 03, 2006

Fawgeddaboud it

You Are 94% New Jersey!

Wow, you're totally Jersey. There's no doubt about it. Congratulations, and always be proud to be Jersey--it's a great thing to be!

How New Jersey Are You?

Yeah, baby! How New Jersey am I now? How bout now? Wanna go down the shawr and get a saw-sage sammich? Fawgeddaboud it.


Contrary said...

I am a scant 10% New Jersey.

I did vacation there once!
I seem to remember snow and malls.

It's all a blur now.

Robin said...


But hey, that's pretty good considering I'm not even a murkin!

The Pooter said...

Contrary, you forgot to mention the could you forget the smells.

Robin, I have no real experience, but I feel that Nova Scotia is about a far removed from NJ as Thailand(and as Martha says, It's a Good Thing)