Thursday, June 01, 2006

It's the end of the world as we know it

Yesterday, I saw a dad with 2 little kids, ages 3 or 4, riding tricycles. Not the old fashioned trikes that were red and had a tendency to tip over, like mine when I was wee. These were more like boring looking big wheels. And they were wearing helmets. Helmets. Now, I'm all for child safety, but really, these kids couldn't have been more than 2 inches off the ground. They have a longer fall from a standing position (come to think of it, one kid was walking with a helmet on). Maybe they should just encase the kids in bubble wrap.

Speaking of child safety, it's time to put up the baby gate, lower the crib mattress and hide the cats (mrow!). Sally can almost crawl. She's mastered the arms, and then one leg, but that last leg just won't cooperate and she winds up pushing back into a sitting position and then rolls the last part of the way. She gets around, is what I'm saying.

Hmmm, what do I do now?

Let's see, put the arm out.

I don't seem to be moving

Dammit, dog, don't just sit there sniffing your balls...

Help me!


Robin said...

I think some of my kids crawled backward first, before going forward. However, since they were *trying* to go forward, the backward motion was a bit distressing!

Oh, and with my twins, one crawled long before the other. Months later, the day he started walking, she started crawling. I guess she didn't want to fall too far behind.

I've totally exhausted all my crawling anecdotes now.

The Pooter said...

What I want to know is, why when you put them on the floor, they will immediately gravitate towards the power cords-no matter how many toys are nearby.